Doing Great™ Men's Health Formula*


Men's health is about desire, drive, dermal sensitivity, testosterone levels, and prostate health—as well as maintaining a healthy erection. It’s also imperative that you support cardio health anytime you’re taking herbals that affect your circulation.

Doing Great™ nutrients and herbals work together to address ALL aspects of men's health performance and enjoyment. And the formula supports cardio health too!*

  • Doing Great™ provides herbal ingredients and nutrients formulated to help you feel great about every aspect you.*

    The nutritional and herbal ingredients work best over time. Doing Great™ is not intended as an immediate-effects product, though many men report noticeable results within two weeks. Doing Great™ is a systemic solution.

  • Drink at least one Doing Great™ packet mixed with 12 ounces of water every day. You may take up to three servings per day. Do not exceed three sachets per day.

    It will dissolve thoroughly with a quick stir or shake in a water bottle. The drink powder should be mixed with water only. Do not mix it with dairy products, hot drinks, alcohol, or carbonated or caffeinated beverages.

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